SY-MS44-18G S Y Electronics 4×4 4K HDMI 2.0 18Gbps Matrix

Th S Y Electronics SY-MS44-18G 8×8 HDMI 2.0 (18 Gbps) 4×4 Matrix allows user to switch 4K sources and connect to up to 4 display simultaneously.  The matrix can be controlled via RS232 and LAN with EdID management and de-embeded digital audio.

Data Sheet



S Y Electronics SY-MS44-18G compact unit is a true 4K, 4×4 matrix, allowing any source to simultaneously display to any of its four outputs. The versatile SY-MS44-18G also combines digital audio de-embedding, EDID control, IR, LAN and RS232 connectivity.

SY-MS44-18G Features:

  • Flexible and affordable distribution switching platform
    Switch up to four 4K sources and connect to four, 4K displays simultaneously.
  • Complete control
    Operate functions via IR, RS232 and LAN.
  • EDID Management
    EDID control.
  • De-embed digital audio
    Use S/PDIF ports to de-embed and connect to AV receivers.

• 4 HDMI Inputs
• 4 HDMI Outputs
• HDMI 2.0
• HDCP 2.2 compliant
• True 18G matrix – any input to any / multiple outputs
• De-embedded S/PDIF audio per output
• EDID Management
• Front panel Control
• RS232, Infra-red & LAN Control
• Powerful PC software control
• Data rate 18Gbps

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