CX-0W-AVP-T4 S Y Electronics 4-Way 300m CATx VGA and Audio Splitter

£312.00 inc VAT

The CX-0W-AVP-T4  CATx 4-Way Splitter /transmitter broadcasts a sharp high quality videos at distances of up to 300m using low cost Cat5e UTP cable.  The CX-0W-AVP-T4 is a 4-output VGA and Audio/Power over Cat5 Transmitter. CatX AVP transmitters provide a cost-effective and flexible solution for transmitting either Audio+Video (AV) or Video+Power (VP) over a single Cat5/6 UTP cable up to 300m. CatX AVP transmitters can be cascaded together to provide the required number of outputs. Designed for reliability and low power consumption, with less than 0.2W per output. CatX AVP transmitters are Video compatible with all CatX AVP Receivers, CatX AVP Repeaters and CatX Mini Receivers.


The CatX AVP Tx4 transmitter broadcasts a sharp high quality videos at distances of up to 300m (600m span), using low cost Cat5e UTP cable.

The CatX CX-0W-AVP-T4 transmitter broadcasts a sharp high quality videos at distances of up to 300m using low cost Cat5e UTP cable.

These VGA Cat5e extenders are very low power and of highest build quality. The maximum high resolution of Ful HD 1920x1080p makes the CatX CX-0W-AVP-T4 the best quality units in this category.

CatX CX-0W-AVP-T4 transmitter has two modes of operation: VP mode (Video+Power) and AV mode (Audio+Video). In VP mode, the transmitters can directly power CatX Mini VP receiver units on the selected outputs, up to 150m. This further reduces cost and simplifies installation at the receiver end.

Both these transmitters provide a sharp high quality video at up to 300m, using low cost Cat5 cabling and consume less than 0.2W per output. These VGA Cat5e extenders can also cascade to increase the number of outputs available, providing maximum configuration flexibility. The units also provide local VGA and audio outputs. An optional 1U rack mount kit can accommodate up to two CatX AVP Tx4 or Tx8 transmitters. Alternatively, the units can be secured using optional wall or DIN rail mounting brackets.

CatX CX-0W-AVP-T4 transmitter will store the EDID which can be read by the graphics card, allowing full use of the display device features.  This helps make installation with CatX extenders an easy and trouble free process. The CatX AVP Tx4 transmitter has the facility to download and store the EDID information via DDC when any EDID enabled display device is connected directly to the local VGA output of the transmitter. The transmitter also has a default EDID configuration, which is suitable for many installations. However, this function can also be used to store a different EDID by connecting the transmitter directly to any display device.

  • VGA input
  • VGA loop out
  • Audio input
  • Audio loop out
  • Selectable AV or VP mode
  • VP mode provides PoC
  • EDID learning
  • 4 Cat5 outputs to 300m each
  • Extremely low power
  • Uses Catx Mini AV or VP Receivers
  • Small form factor – rack-mountable


2 years parts and labour.



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