ALAV104T AdderLink 4 Way AV VGA Digital Signage Splitter Unit

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The AdderLink ALAV104T 4 way transmitter and splitter unit extends high-resolution video and high fidelity audio up to 300m. There is a local port on transmitter to connect local screen and speakers or for cascading other AdderLink AV100T transmitter units.

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The ALAV104T 4 way transmitter and splitter unit is part of AdderLink AV Series is a range of audiovisual extenders delivering high video resolutions and superb quality audio up to 300m using standard CATx cable (x=5,5e,6,7).

Designed for use in Digital Signage applications, the innovative design Of the ALAV104T allows for flexible distribution that can grow in line with project developments and ensures direct delivery of crystal clear communication to consumers at the point of decision. The AdderLink AV ALAV104T avoids the prohibitive costs of fibre optic cabling, displays with built in CPUs or locating a CPU next to each screen.

  • Splits and extends video and audio across a single CATx cable
  • Extra fine video quality at resolutions up to 1920×1080 at 200m and 1280 x 1024 at 300m
  • High fidelity clickless digital audio (16bit, 44.1 kHz, stereo)
  • Fine, independent sharpness and brightness control
  • DDC support
  • Integrated state of the art 300MHz DeSkew with 62ns full scale & 2ns granularity (AV101R only)
  • Feed through / cascade port at transmitter
  • Dual video and audio outputs at receiver
  • Use stand alone or rack mount 16 modules across 3U
  • Advanced spike suppression circuits for reliability in ‘noisy’ installations
  • All metal construction
  • Power / video indication confirms correct operation

Video Resolutions

HD 1920×1080 at distances up to 100 metres/325 feet, 1280 x 1024 at distances up to 300 metres/1000 feet. Extension distance Up to 300 meters/1000 feet using CATx (x=5,5e,6,7).

Extension technology

Differential analogue signalling for video signals.

Cable Equalisation

Finely adjustable cable equalisation amplifiers enable the video sharpness and brightness to be independently adjusted using the dials on the side of the receiver units.

Integral DeSkew (ADDERLink AV101R only)

Skew compensation adjustments can be made using the two rotary dials on the AdderLink AV101R receiver unit. The first dial affects the relationship between green and blue colour signals, the second red and green. The cable skew is produced due to wire length differences between different twisted pairs in a CATx cable that arise due to the different twist rates used to reduce signalling cross talk. The amount of cable skew seen depends on the cable type used and the cable length. The AdderLink AV101R provides up to 62ns of DeSkew with a fine 2ns resolution. This means that high-resolution video can be accurately DeSkewed even at long cable distances. The DeSkew supports 300MHz bandwidths, which means that the DeSkew function does not adversely affect the video quality.


The remote and local units are fitted with two indicators; red shows the presence of power into the module, green indicates the presence of a video input.


Transmitted as digital signals to ensure high fidelity and low noise levels. Phase locked sampling clocks ensure that there are no unwanted clicks when no sound is being played.

Rack mount options

Both the local (computer-end) and remote (display-end) units may be rack mounted in the ADDERLink AV Series rack mount chassis. The chassis enable 16 units to be mounted in 3U of 19-inch rack space. The units are rack mounted using the optional rack mount faceplate.

Connectors (ADDERLink AV104T)

1 x blue 15-pin high-density D-type female connector for video input and 1 x light green 3.5mm audio jack for audio input.
1 x blue 15-pin high-density D-type female connector for video output and 1 x light green 3.5mm audio jack for audio output or cascade to additional AdderLink AV104T.
4 x RJ45 connectors for CATx cable connections.
2.5mm DC jack for power adapter.

Physical (All ADDERLink AV units)

Metal case (steel and stainless steel), 98mm x 95mm x 25mm.


All AdderLink AV units are powered by an external 5V DC, 2A power supply with IEC power cable connection. A country specific power cord is provided. Alternatively 4 units can be powered using a 4amp power supply and the Adder “squid” cable.

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