HDMI-EX50W HDMI 50m Wireless Extender

£199.50 inc VAT

HDMI-EX50W HDMI Wireless extender extends an HDMI display up to 50 m from the HDMI source (Distance may vary depending on environment; solid objects such as steel, concrete and brick may view shorter distances). It offers superior video quality 1080p @60Hz It has strong anti-interference ability by running 5GHz operation frequency and supports point to point connection. The IR Passback with 20-60KHz frequency on the HDMI-EX50W allows control of source devices from the remote side. It allows you to connect and transmit wireless video content from your Bluray DVD player, HD Cable box or other HDMI device wirelessly,


This HDMI-EX50W HDMI wireless extender kit includes a transmitter unit and a receiver unit and allows you to transmit a HDMI signal up to 50 metres away wirelessly. The HDMI-EX50W has strong anti-interference ability by running at 5GHz operation frequency and supports point to point connection. IR passback with 20-60KHz frequency enables you to remote control the source device from the receiver side.

The maximum wireless range of the HDMI-EX50W is dependent on a direct line of sight between the transmitter and the receiver. Obstacles such as walls, ceilings or electrical equipment will reduce this range.

  • Max resolution: 1080p 60Hz
  • HDMI Compliance: HDMI v1.3
  • HDCP Compliance: HDCP v1.2
  • Maximum transfer rate: 10.2Gbps
  • 5.1 ~ 5.8G Wireless transmission
  • Maximum distance: 50m

  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x Receiver
  • 2 x Antenna
  • IR Sender & Receiver
  • 2 x PSU
  • User Guide

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