CX-0M-AV-R S Y CATX Mini 150m VGA and Audio Receiver

£159.00 inc VAT

S Y Electronics CX-0M-AV-R VGA and audio over CATx  Receiver Unit to be used in conjunction with CX-OM-AV-T transmitter unit for extending and producing a sharp high quality VGA & audio up to 150m.


CX-0M-AV-R – CatX Mini 150m VGA and Audio Receiver – SY Electronics

CatX Mini AV units provide a unique solution for transmitting a sharp high quality VGA video and audio up to 150m using low cost Cat5e cabling. The CX-0M-AV-R CatX Mini AV Rx unit is the same size as the CatX Mini AV Tx, powered directly from the transmitter (PoE). Continuous adjustability ensures perfect picture at any distance up to 150m. All CatX AV units are compatible with all CatX Mini and CatX AVP transmitters / receivers. Considered as the smallest VGA Cat5e extender system in the market, the small size of the CatX Mini AV units ensures discrete connection to the VGA source and output display; perfect for installations with limited space.



CX-0M-AV-R – CatX Mini 150m VGA and Audio Receiver – SY Electronics

Inputs 1x RJ45 UTP connector
Outputs 1x HD15 VGA (male), 3.5mm stereo jack socket
Video levels RGB: 0.7V into 75R, HV: TTL compatible
Video format VGA – UXGA compatible 1080p HD compatible, RGBHV, RGSB, YUV, Y/C, and CVBS formats supported. Separate or composite HV; Horizontal 15-135kHz; Vertical 25-150Hz
Distance vs resolution 1024×768 / 1280×1024 (PC) and 1280x720p / 1368x768p (HDTV) – up to 150m max; 1600×1200 (PC) and 1920x1080p (HDTV) – up to 120m max; 2048×1536 (PC) – up to 40m max
Distance quote above based on a 60Hz refresh rate with certified Cat5e UTP
Dimensions 34mm [W] x 54mm [D] x 16mm [H]
Net Weight 50g
Gross Weight 120g

2 year return to base parts and labour. 3rd year available with online registration. For further options please enquire.


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