SY-RSM4 S Y Serial Matrix with 4 Bi-directional Ports

£239.00 inc VAT

The S Y Electronics RSM4 serial matrix with 4 bi-directional ports features port expander, port combiner, 10 presets with internal RS232 buffer and programmable via USB.


The RSM4 is a serial matrix with 4 bi-directional ports.

Each Rx and Tx connection can be routed to any of the other Rx or Tx ports making this the perfect companion when additional ports are required when controlling a single device from multiple points and for easily configured room divide applications.

10 Presets are available and can be activated from any of the Rx connections.

  • 4 Bi-directional RS232
  • Port expander
  • Port combiner
  • Configure in Device Suite
  • 10 Presets
  • Internal RS232 buffer
  • Program via USB
  • Rackmount with RS01 shelf

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