SY-RC1 S Y 4 Port Serial/IR Ethernet Compact Controller Switch

The S Y Electronics SY-RC1 compact controller features space and power saving, Device Suite configuration that can dramatically reduce time even for the most complex projects, and open standards for Ethernet and serial control protocols.

SY-RC1 RS232 Codes


The RC1 is a compact controller with Ethernet and can be used as a stand-alone control system or as an expander to provide remote or extra connectivity for Keypads. Intuitively programmed through SY Device Suite it takes minutes to configure a complete system and offer all the functionality, plus more, of a Keypad but without the buttons.

The SY RC1 Compact Controller provides a complete easy to install control system for media displays and associated equipment control.

The SY RC1 Compact Controller feature bi-directional serial or infra-red ports, input detection ports, relay ports, USB configuration, and low voltage power making them the most powerful devices available in their class. The SY Device Suite software provides a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for configuring the SY RC1 Compact Controller to respond just the way you want.

  • Compact Controller – for space and power saving
  • Device Suite configuration – to dramatically reduce configuration time for even the most complex projects
  • Open standards – for Ethernet and serial control protocols allows easy integration with other control systems when required
  • Modern design – provides a robust yet modern stylish design with a variety of finishes available
  • Timeout period – after a period of inactivity can be set to automate scripts, for example a Power Off sequence
  • Macro based scripts – triggered by serial, Ethernet or Web GUI
  • SY Device Suite – updated in the cloud, provides drivers for most common devices and may be user written or edited

Control : Types – IR and Bi-directional Serial RS232
Control : Ports – 4
Control : Connectors – 3.5mm captive screw 3 pole Transmit, Receive, Ground
Control : Serial Comms – +/-9V
Control : Baud Rate – 1200 to 115200
Control : Protocol – Data Bits 7 or 8, 1 or 2 Stop Bits, Parity None, Odd, or Even
Control : Ethernet – 10/100
Digital Inputs : Ports – 4
Digital Inputs : Connectors – 3.5mm captive screw 3 pole Input 1, Input 2, Ground
Digital Inputs : Voltage Range – 0-24VDC
Digital Inputs : Input Impedance – 10K ohms
Digital Inputs : Threshold L to H – 1.5VDC
Digital Inputs : Threshold H to L – 1.2VDC
Relays : Ports – 4
Relays : Connectors – 3.5mm captive screw 3 pole NO, NC and Common
Relays : Type –  30VDC 2A max
Program : Port – USB
Program : Control Software – SY Device Suite
Power : Connector – 3.5mm captive screw 2 pole
Power : Range – 6-24VDC
Power : Consumption – 400mA max
Thermal : Cooling Type – Convection
Thermal : Dissipation – 16.4BTU/hr max
Compliance : CE, FCC
Warranty : RTB – 3 years available, see below
PSU : 12V/1A

Power Supply
Getting Started Guide
PSU : 12V/1A

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