SY-KP10NV-BW S Y Electronics 10 Button Keypad Controller Navigation Keys & Rotary Volume Control

£799.00 inc VAT

The S Y Electronics SY-KP10NV-BW 10 button keypad controller with navigation keys and Rotary Volume Control features easy to use – no programming required, power up and timeout, time delays, firmware upgrade and panel and button lockout.


The SY-KP Series Keypad Controllers provide a complete range of simple to use and easy to install Keypads for media displays and associated equipment control. The SY Keypad Controllers feature soft touch buttons and a host of device connection ports suitable for all common and many more advanced applications.

The SY Keypad Controllers feature bi-directional serial or infra-red ports, input detection ports, output ports for relay control, USB configuration, and low voltage power making them the most powerful devices available in their class. The SY Device Suite software provides a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for configuring the SY-KP Series Controllers to respond just the way you want.

Each button on the SY Keypad Controllers features a tri-colour LED to allow feedback colour or state to be programmed or change on receipt of information back from the bi-directional serial ports. With a range of Keypad Controllers available ‘V’ models also feature a Rotary Volume Control with level indication derived directly from the device being controlled.

For the user each button can be programmed to perform multiple functions and is the ideal solution to replace multiple handsets whilst providing a permanent location for the point of control, saving lost or misplaced handsets and there’s no more running out of batteries just when you need the system to work.

The SY Keypad Controllers also fit in standard UK and European size back boxes and are supplied in a modern smooth matt white finish that is resistant to finger marks yet easily wiped clean.

SY-KP10NV-BW Features:

10 + 5 Push Buttons
4 Control ports – bi-directional RS232 or IR (software configurable)
2 Inputs ports – detect sensors for motion or room dividers
2 Output ports – control screens and relay units
Tri-colour LEDs – allows device state changes to be indicated
USB Programming port – provides power whilst uploading or downloading
Device Suite Software Features:
Easy to use – no programming required
Multiple actions per button – creates macros for intuitive control
8 levels per button
Power Up and Timeout
Panel and Button Lockout
Conditional Scripting based on real device state
Time Delays
Upload and Download Script File
Firmware Update
115200 max Baud Rate
Amend Folder Path
Built-In ACSII/HEX Convertor
RS232 and IR test functionality including RS232 return data capture

Switch Buttons : 10 + 5
Rotary Volume Control
Backlight LEDs : Tri-Colour RGB
Control : Types – IR and Bi-directional Serial RS232
Control : Ports – 4
Control : Connectors – 3.5mm captive screw 3 pole Transmit, Receive, Ground
Control : Serial Comms – +/-9V
Control : Baud Rate – 1200 to 115200
Control : Protocol – Data Bits 7 or 8, 1 or 2 Stop Bits, Parity None, Odd, or Even
Digital Inputs : Ports – 2
Digital Inputs : Connectors – 3.5mm captive screw 3 pole Input 1, Input 2, Ground
Digital Inputs : Voltage Range – 0-24VDC
Digital Inputs : Input Impedance – 10K ohms
Digital Inputs : Threshold L to H – 1.5VDC
Digital Inputs : Threshold H to L – 1.2VDC
Digital Outputs : Ports – 2
Digital Outputs : Connectors – 3.5mm captive screw 3 pole +V, Output 1, Output 2
Digital Outputs : Type – 100mA sink from 24VDC max
Program : Port – USB
Program : Control Software – SY Device Suite
Power : Connector – 3.5mm captive screw 2 pole
Power : Range – 6-24VDC
Power : Consumption – 400mA max
Thermal : Cooling Type – Convection
Thermal : Dissipation – 16.4BTU/hr max
Compliance : CE, FCC
Warranty : RTB – 3 years
PSU:  12V/1A
Dimensions: 208(w) x 86(h) x 29(d)

  • Power Supply
  • Fixing Screws
  • Button Insert Legend Sheet
  • Getting Started Guide
  • PSU:    12V/1A

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