KAG14 Rextron 4-Port KVM Switch Bundle

£99.50 inc VAT

Rextron KAG-14 USB & VGA KVM Switch, Peripheral Sharer with Cables


Fully compatible with USB specification, the KAG14 KVM Switch is a combination of Keyboard/Video/Mouse switch and a USB peripheral sharing device.

KAG14 allows user to control up to 4 PCs, G3/G4 Macs or iMac from 1 USB keyboard, 1 USB mouse and 1 monitor. Its peripheral sharing function enables sharing of other USB peripherals among connected computers.

Switching between computers is easy as pressing the push button. There is no software to install and is independent of the computer operating system.

The KAG14 is also rack mountable with an optional rack mount kit.

  • Manage 4 PCs, G3/G4 Macs, or iMacs from one USB keyboard mouse and monitor can be Linked with other KVM switches of the same make.
  • 4 computers share up to 3 or 4 different USB peripherals
  • Front panel push buttons for easy computer selection
  • No drivers needed for keyboard and mouse operation
  • Supports keyboard and mouse plug-and-play
  • High VGA resolution of 1920×1440
  • Buzzer sound for computer switching conformation
  • Activate Auto Scan by pressing front buttons
  • Selectable Scan Time interval
  • Saves time, space, equipment and power
  • USB self-power operation
  • No software required
  • Rack mountable (rack mount kit not supplied)
  • VGA + USB 4 Port KVM
  • 4 x VGA(male to female) + USB(type A to type B) KVM cables
  • Instruction manual
  • 4 x Rubber feet

RMK04 Optional  19″ Rackmounting Kit


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