KNV-104 Rextron 4-Port PS/2 Switch

£95.42 inc VAT

Rextron NovaView KNV-104 is a 4-port PS2 & VGA KVM switch that allows one user with one PS2 keyboard, one PS2 mouse and one VGA monitor to control 4 computers with similar connections.


The KNV104 4-port KVM switch allow you to access 4 computers from one PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse and VGA monitor. There is no software to configure. Installation is as easy as connecting cables between the CPU Switch and your computers. Operation is as simple as pressing buttons, entering hotkey command. The Switch is independent of computer operating systems, allowing the attached computers to run different applications.

  • Supports both PS/2 and serial mouse
  • Hot-key functions allow easy computer access
  • Plug and play system configuration
  • Cascade configuration expands system capability
  • High VGA resolution 1600×1200
  • Auto-scan automatically selects computers sequentially
  • Operating system independent, transparent to all applications
  • Keyboard and mouse can be hot plugged at any time
  • Keyboard states automatically saved and restored when switching computers

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