KMH2 Rextron MyHopper 2-Port with Cables

£49.00 inc VAT

Rextron MyHopper KMH2 2-port PS/2 & VGA KVM switch with Cables. It allows one user with one PS2 keyboard, one PS2 mouse and a VGA monitor to control 2 computers with similar connections.


The Rextron KMH2 switch allows users access to 2 computers from one PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse and VGA/SVGA monitor. Switching between computers is easy as pressing the push button or entering hot-key commands from your keyboard. There is no interface card or software to install and it is independent of the computer operating system.

The KMH2 does not require an external power supply and is designed to run reliably without an external power adapter. KVM cables are at the rear and it requires insignificant desktop space. Ready to run right out the box, this switch comes with everything you need – switch and complete cable sets, just hook them up and go. By allowing one console to manage all your computers, the KVM Switch eliminates the expense for extra consoles, the space needed for extra peripherals and time spent accessing different computers.

  • Unique loose-free cables included preventing keyboard or mouse connector from getting loose.
  • Power-free operation – the power is drawn from the attached PCs.
  • Keyboard states automatically saved and restored when switching computers
  • Keyboard and mouse are hot pluggable at any time without turning Switch box or PC’s off
  • Operating System independent, transparent to all applications
  • Keyboard and mouse emulation for error-free PC boot up
  • Space-saving design – all cables are connected to the rear
  • Auto scan automatically selects computers sequentially
  • Supports Microsoft Intellimouse (Pro), Explorer, Optical
  • Hot-key and push button allow easy computer access
  • Supports PS/2 keyboard and mouse
  • High VGA resolution 1920 x 1440

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