SY-HS18-18G S Y Electronics 1×8 HDMI 2.0 Distribution Spliiter Amplifier

£345.60 inc VAT

The HS18-18G 1 HDMI input to 8 HDMI Displays can support a resolution up to 4K @50/60Hz HDMI 2.0 signals with compliance to HDCP 2.2. this 1 to 8 HDMI splitter supports 3D at 1080p @60Hz as well as audio formats including LPCM 7.1 Dolby TrueHD and DSTS-HD Master Audio with smart EDID control.

User Manual


The SY-HS18-18G is a 1 x 8 HDMI Distribution Amplifier.

This range of 18GHz splitters offers a solution to distribute HDMI signals to 2, 4 or 8 display devices. These splitters can support up to 4K @50/60Hz HDMI 2.0 signals with compliance to HDCP 2.2. They are ideal for a variety of situations from digital signage, residential, conference rooms and education establishments.


 Split a single HDMI input to 8 outputs
 Supports all resolutions up to HDMI 2.0 (18GHz) (4K @60Hz with 12-bit YCbCr 4:4:4)
 Supports 3D at 1080p @60Hz and Compliant with HDCP 2.2
 Supports audio formats including LPCM 7.1CH, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD Master Audio
 Smart EDID control

  • 4K 18GHz HDMI 2.0 – 4K @ 60Hz 4:4:4
  • 8 HDMI Outputs
  • Hot-plug support
  • Signal re-clock and boost
  • Data rates up to 18Gbps
  • HDCP compliant
  • EDID management
  • Connection status indicator
  • Input HDCP status indicator

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