RKP117-801e CyberView 17″ LCD Console Drawer with 8-Port Integrated KVM

The Austin Hughes CyberView RKP117-801e is a 17″ 1U LCD Console Drawer features a touchpad mouse, an 8-port integrated PS2 & VGA KVM switch. The CyberView Series is modular and customers can choose from 17″, 19″, Touchpad mouse, Trackball, standard PS2 & VGA  8-port or 16-port KVM switch to a Combo USB & PS2 integrated KVM switch.

Data Sheet for RKP Series

Manual for -801


The Austin Hughes CyberView RKP117-801e is 1U  17″ LCD touchpad mouse console drawer features a single console with an integrated 8-port PS2 & VGA KVM switch and includes 8 x 1.8m PS2 KVM cables.

The integrated 8-port KVM switch features multi lingual On Screen display and advanced user profiles and configurable OSD hot key combinations.


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