Kvm-tec is an Austrian designer and manufacturer of KVM Extenders and KVM Matrix Switching Systems. They distinguish themselves in the KVM market  through the combination of perfect video compression with the zero latency time over IP achieved by continuous research and in-house development. All Kvm-tec Extenders when used with a standard network switch can achieve switching systems of up to 48/480 endpoints while maintaining super- fast switching. Their products are developed in-house.. Delay-free Video line – line transmission, USB2.0 transparent, latency-free 4K transmission technology, where similar to zip files the 4K signals are transmitted without delay. One of their standards is to get the maximum out of the products and thereby achieve an excellent price-performance ratio.

Kvm-tec Extender products range from the inexpensive SMARTLINE Extender, which transmits DVI and HDM (without sound) in perfect quality, to the 4K Ultraline Extender, where 4K videos are transmitted in real time over long distances without delay. Kvm-tec products are always excellent value for money and their KVM extenders are used worldwide in projects by very demanding industries, automation, medical technology, etc.

If you need help with a project or  prices for Kvm-tec products, please call us on +44 1372 450 794 or send an e-mail with your requirement to: info@kvmsolutions.uk

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