In a set up where 4 administrators need to manage and control tens, hundreds or even thousands of PCs / servers either locally or remotely, the KVM Matrix becomes a necessity.  A Matrix is both space-saving and a convenient solution for a variety of setups. Some KVM over IP switches now support the new Control Center Video Session Recorder (CCVSR) software. The CCVSR records all operations made on servers accessed through KVM over IP switches. Every operation and change from the BIOS level to logging in, from running software applications to configuring the operating system- is recorded and saved to a secure video file as evidence, without exception.

The Virtual Media function (selected models)  lets you map to storage media on USB, hard disk and DVD/CD drives located on remote servers – allowing administrators to conduct file transfers, install applications, run O.S. updates, or perform diagnostics across a network with ease.

Some manufacturers add Enhanced capabilities of KVM over IP switches to include: a Message Board, Panel Array Mode™, Mouse DynaSync™, and Adapter ID.


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