VSA12 Rextron 2 Way SVGA Monitor Splitter

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Rextron VSA12  2-way VGA 350Mhz monitor splitter.


The Rextron VSA12 is a video splitter designed for desktop use, supplied in a durable, compact, metal housing. It is independent of software and other than cables and monitors, no additional hardware is required. The splitters duplicate and boost the input signal to 2, VGA, SVGA or multi-sync monitors, with a signal rate of 350 Mhz.

  • Compatible for use with VGA, SVGA and Multi-Sync Monitors.
  • Max resolution 1920×1440
  • Duplicate one signal input to multiple outputs.
  • Ability to be cascaded, increasing the total number of video outputs.
  • Effective transmission distance: 65 Mtrs. (210ft)
  • Automatic power-save when signal is lost.
  • Clear Images.


  • 2 Port VGA Splitter
  • PSU 5v 1a
  • Instruction Leaflet


1 Year


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