SY-HDBT-70SP-SET SY Electronics 4K HDBaseT HDMI Slim Pro Extender with Test Pattern & Diagnostic Tools

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This NEW S Y Electronics SY-HDBT-70SP-SET Slim Pro HDBaseT 4K extender is a unique product and loaded with extra features and designed with the professional AV installers in mind. The many extensive features assist in system integration, validation and maintenance. It is still the slimmest HDBaseT extender in the world with tremendous flexibility and extraordinary capabilities. This Extender set supports all input resolutions to 4K60 4:4:4, with bi-directional IR, and two independent pass-through RS232 ports. The main RS232 channel (Tx/Rx) is also used for controlling the many features. The second RS232 channel (T2, R2) can also be used for RTS/CTS handshaking. The transmitter unit (SY-HDBT-70SP) also supports de-embedded audio (L/R and Mini-Toslink optical output), as well as many other useful features such as: HDCP management, EDID settings, video Down-Scale, Test Patterns, Video Keep Alive, Temperature & CEC control and diagnostics.

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We’ve taken the most reliable and slimmest 4K HDBaseT extender set in the market (Slim70) and pumped it full of performance enhancing features. The SY-HDBT-70SP-SET Slim Pro extender is truly formidable and the most versatile and innovative HDBaseT Extenders available. It has all the basic features such as Bi-directional IR, Dual independent RS232 ports, and extending HDMI signals via Cat 6 up to 70m @1080p or 40m @4K. However, not only it can accept all HDMI 2.0 video formats to 4K60 4:4:4, but it also has a host of amazing features as listed below:

Scaling – The built in Down-Scaler can be used in two modes: Either as Colour Space Scaling for 4K60 4:4:4 to 4K60 4:2:0, or Resolution  Down-Scaling from any 4K (inc 4K60 4:4:4) to 1080p (frame rates are always preserved).  As an example, any 4K source can be displayed on a 1080p display, or a 4K 18G video signal can be scaled appropriately to fit within 10.2G bandwidth limit of HDBaseT,

HDCP Control – Support and ‘Management of HDCP’ ensures compatibility, allowing you to control the HDCP from the HDBaseT extender. You can convert from HDCP 2.2 down to HDCP 1.4, or simply put the unit into Cascade Mode – No more HDCP issues.

EDID Management – As well as pass-through, there are 15 pre-set EDID settings together with a programmable EDID option. The extensive EDID management facility can ensure the video source is optimised to suit the installation.

Test Pattern Generator – We have equipped this Professional device with an on-board ‘Test Pattern Generator’ complete with a choice of 12 Test Patterns including Checkerboard or Solid Colour Patterns, at 4K@30/25/24, 1080p, 720p. Perfect for commissioning or checking all the component parts from the transmitter to the display unit.

Video Keep Alive – The ‘Video Keep Alive’ option, maintains video output whenever the input video is lost. This function can be very useful in particular with projectors, as otherwise they could shut down and run a long cool down sequence.

Audio De-embedder – The Transmitter unit has Audio De-embedding available via a Combo 3.5 audio jack. The unit provides de-embedded audio as either stereo analogue or digital Toslink signals up to 7.1, including Dolby Digital and DTS formats.

Control – The SY-HDBT-70SP-SET Slim Pro is equipped with pass-through bi-directional IR ports and 2x RS232 ports. The 2nd RS232 port can also be used as RTS/CTS, should it be required. The Transmitter/Receiver units can also be controlled through the primary RS232 connection, from either end, utilising the built-in feature rich diagnostics and installation tools.

CEC Control – The display unit status, Power on/off, and Volume can be controlled via the HDMI CEC line, using universal CEC commands. This can simplify the installations, and particularly useful when a display does not have an RS232 interface. The commands can be triggered from RS232 or Via the PC control software.

HPD Toggle – The ‘Hot Plug Detect Control’ toggles the HPD signal, hence forcing the source to re-communicate with the display. This behaves as though the HDMI cable has been disconnected and reconnected, alleviating the need to physically do so. Ideal for when controlling equipment that is not easily accessible.

Full Diagnostics – Various other useful diagnostic parameters can be monitored and controlled, for instance:- as well as ‘HPD toggle’ control there is also the ability to take measurements of the ‘Cat6 cable length’, Transmitter/Receiver Supply & iPoC Voltages, HDBaseT Signal & Link Status, HDBaseT Signal Error, along with information about the ‘Input HDMI Signal’ such as: Resolution, Refresh Rate, Colour Depth, HDR Setting, Audio Settings, Audio Rate, Audio Channels, HBR and HDCP. The diagnostic tools are invaluable for any installation.

Heat Management – All HDBaseT devices generate a significant amount of heat. It is important to dissipate this heat in order to keep the main chipsets within limits. The Slim70-Pro revolutionary ultra slim design (11.5mm Thin) ensures that the heat generated by the chipsets is dispersed away and efficiently dissipated through the metal case. Although the case may feel warmer to touch, we ensure the core chip temperature is significantly reduced, contributing to long term system reliability.

Temperature – All HDBaseT units need to be ventilated to ensure temperature rise is within limits. However, this can be violated due to poor installation or inadvertent circumstances, such as fan-tray failure in a rack. Under such abnormal conditions if the temperature rise becomes critical, the Slim70-Pro can send a warning messages and can even shut-down so that it does not sustain potential degradation/failure. The warning signals help to alert and highlight installation problem. The ‘warning’, ‘Shutdown’, and ‘Re-power’ temperature values can be adjusted to suit the particular installation. The Transmitter and Receiver real time temperatures can be monitored for diagnostics or as an element of the control system.

iPoC – Only one PSU is required to power both Transmitter and Receiver units form either end. The iPoC (intelligent Power over Cable) system ensures the power is made available only if the device is iPoC compatible. For example, the Slim70-Pro transmitter will not apply 48V power to a projector with HDBaseT input, ensuring safe operation.

SY-PCTools – This is a PC software package that allows the user to interface/control most of SY products, all within one Tool. The Slim70-Pro control panel tool provides a very simple and easy interface for managing /monitoring the Slim70-Pro set. This is highly recommended for installation as well as possible maintenance requirements.

The Slim70-Pro is still the slimmest HDBT extender in the world, the perfect evolution of technology building upon the famous Slim 70 series. It is ideal for use in all applications including Digital Signage, Education, Office Displays, Meeting Rooms, and Home Cinema along with the more critical environments like MOD, ensuring your signal is solid, stable and responsive to its environment.

SY-HDBT-70SP-SET Features

  • Ultra Slim Form Factor (11.5mm) 
  • 1080p to 70m, 4K30 to 40m
  • Down Scaling (Colour space) – 4K60 4:4:4 to 4K60 4:2:0
  • Down Scaling (Resolution) – Any 4K signal to 1080p
  • Bi-directional IR
  • Audio De-embedder – Analogue and Optical Toslink
  • EDID, HDCP, and CEC Control
  • Test Pattern Generator – Various patterns, Resolutions, Hz
  • Video Keep Alive – Perfect for projectors
  • Temperature Reporting and Safety Shut Down
  • Cat6 Cable Length Measurement
  • HPD Toggle
  • Diagnostics – Great for installation and trouble shooting


Transmission Distance
  Up to 70 metres @ 1080p, and 40m @ 4K, using cat5e/6/7
With Intelligent Power over Cable (iPoC)

  Input: HDMI 2.0 (18 Gbps) – HDR, HBR, 3D formats supported
  Output: HDMI 1.4 (10.2 Gbps)
  Input HDCP: Accepts all versions up to HDCP 2.2
Output HDCP: Fully controlled – Pass through, 1.4, 2.2, Cascade mode
  Input resolutions: All resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4
  All VESA resolutions to 4096x2160p (18G), and all 3D formats – Examples:
  4096x2160p 24/25/30/50/60Hz    3840x2160p 24/25/30/50/60Hz    2560×1440 50/60Hz    2048×1152 50/60Hz
1920x1080p 24/25/30/50/60Hz    1920x1080i 50/60Hz    1280x720p 50/60Hz
  All PC resolutions and formats – Examples:
  1920×1200 60/75Hz   1360×768 60/75Hz    1680×1050 60/75Hz   1280×1024 60/75Hz    1600×1200 60/75Hz    1280×960 60/75Hz
1440×900 60/75Hz     1280×800 60/75Hz    1400×1050 60/75Hz   1024×768 60/75Hz      1366×768 60/75Hz      1152×864 60/75Hz 
Colour Space: RGB, YCbCr 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0Colour Depth: 8, 10, 12 bits


  Down-Scaling (Colour Space): Convert 4K50/60 4:4:4 inputs to 4K50/60 4:2:0
  Down-Scaling (Resolution): All 4K inputs scaled down to 1080p
Audio Formats Supported: 2.0 / 2.1 / 5.1 / 7.1 channel LPCM, Dolby, AC3, DTS

De-embedded Audio out: Combo 3.5mm Jack Socket – Analogue Stereo (L/R) or Mini TosLink (optical)

  IR In, IR Out – Universal, 25-60 KHz carrier frequency

  RS232 Pass-through 
  Tx, Rx – Any baud rate to maximum of 115200
  T2, R2 – Any baud rate to maximum of 57600. (or use as RTS, CTS)


  RS232 Control – Transmitter/Receiver 

  Use Tx, Rx – 57600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity


1x HDBaseT via RJ45
1x 3.5mm combo Stereo Analogue / Toslink output
1x 5 Pin Phoenix Screw terminals for RS232
1x HDMI input
1x 3.5mm TRS IR Input
1x 3.5mm TRS IR Output
1x 2 pin phoenix 24-48V DC Power terminals


1x HDBaseT via RJ45
1x 5 Pin Phoenix Screw terminals for RS232
1x HDMI output
1x 3.5mm TRS IR Input
1x 3.5mm TRS IR Output
1x 2 pin phoenix 24-48V DC Power terminals


Power consumption: 7.5W max. (Transmitter + Receiver)

Power Supply: 48V 0.5A DC – 2 Pin Phoenix 

Operating Temperature Range: 0 to +40 deg C

Operating Humidity Range: 10 to 90 % (Non condensing) 

DIMENSIONS (LWH): 109 x 74 x 11.5 mm

WEIGHT (net): Tx 165g, Rx 165g

 1x SY-HDBT-70SP-T
2x pairs of mounting brackets
2x 5 Pin female captive screw connector
1x IR Emitter / IR Receiver set
1x 48V 0.5A DC PSU
1x User manual

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