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Adder DDX-CAM-DVI zero U’ DisplayPort Computer Access Modules (CAMs): powered by USB, the digital computer access modules sit in-line and are ideal for racks with limited available space. Modules are available in DVI and DisplayPort options.


A zero U configuration CAM which attaches to your source device/computer and acts as a tranmitter to either the DDX30 switch or directly to the DDX USR user station as a point to point extender. DDX CAM-DVI requires no specific configuration which means you can simply connect it to a DDX USR or DDX 30.

Available in DisplayPort DDX-CAM-DP and DVI DDX-CAM-DVI variants, the DDX CAM supports all common single link digital video resolutions. HDMI is also possible via a passive converter.

Because the DDX CAM-DVI is powered by USB, you do not need an external power supply, thus simplifying cable clutter significantly. The same USB power connector also delivers USB data functionality and acts as a USB audio device.



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