ALIF4021R AdderLink Infinity Dual-Head 4000 Series 4K IP KVM Extender Receiver

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ADDERLink Infinity ALIF4021R is a dual-head 4K DisplayPort, Audio and USB 2.0 Fiber IP KVM Receiver that is part of the Adder Infinity 4000 4K Digital Extension / Matrix KVM solution. ALIF4021R receiver requires at least one ALIF4021T transmitter to operate. It feature Dual-head 4K DisplayPort, audio and USB extender over a single fiber connection, Pixel-perfect, color accuracy at 4K@60Hz (DCI or UHD), flexible solution: from point-to-point extender to an infinitely extensible matrix used for IT administration or broadcast and unlimited extension distances over fiber. Other features include:

  • USB 2.0 with Emulation and class control: for faster keyboard and mouse switching plus support for USB mass storage, tablet, touch and more
  • Bi-directional analog audio
  • Backwards compatible with existing ADDERLink INFINITY 1000 / 2000 Series.
  • 10GbE network support


Data Sheet



ADDERLink Infinity ALIF4021R is a dual-head 4K DisplayPort, Audio and USB 2.0 Fiber IP KVM Receiver is part of the Adder Infinity 4000 4K Digital Extension / Matrix KVM solution. ALIF4021T transmitter requires at least one ALIF4021T transmitter to operate.

The ALIF4021R delivers pixel-perfect, color accurate picture quality at 4K60 with USB2.0 with fast switching. Fully compatible with the existing ADDERLink INFINITY range, and supported by the trusted ADDERLink INFINITY Manager (AIM), the ALIF4000 can be used as a point-to-point extender or easily integrated into a wider matrix system; enabling KVM users to migrate to 4K without the need to rip and replace.

  • Dual-head 4K, video, audio and USB over a single fiber connection
  • Pixel-perfect, color accuracy at 4K60
  • Bi-directional analog audio
  • Adder’s USB True Emulation for fast switching
  • Backwards compatible with existing ADDERLink INFINITY infrastructure
  • Plug and play 

Adder ALIF4021R Specifications

1.6 in. (40 mm.)
8.5 in. (215 mm.)
8.3 in. (210 mm.)
1.8 lbs. (4 kg.)
Packing Box Dimensions: (L) 285mm /11.2-inch (W) 245mm/9.6inch (D) 145mm/5.7inch Weight: 2.5kg / 5.5lb
Materials Aluminium and steel construction
Operating Temperature
0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature
-10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)
Storage and operating relative humidity
10-90% non-condensing
< 3000m
External power
12VDC, 5A
Typical power consumption
BTU 68.24BTU/hr
Supported Hardware
USB, Audio, Serial RS232
Max video resolution Supports 4K UHD or 4K DCI (True Cinema 4K) and refresh rates to 60Hz
USB 4 ports of USB2.0 with USB True Emulation to support keyboard, mouse and touch.
USB device seen as: 7 or 13 port hub
Audio Analog Line in/out 2 channel 16bit 48KHz 1V RMS in / 1V RMS out
Ethernet 10GbE (No 10/100/1000 support)
Approved Agency
Transmitter Connections
Computer: 2x DisplayPort, 2x USB type B, 2x 3.5mm audio jack sockets, 1x DB9 socket.
Ethernet: 2x 8p8c (RJ45), 2x SFP+ cages.
Power: 3 pin Kycon socket.
  • ALIF402R Receiver
  • VSCD10 6ft DisplayPort cable
  • VSC24 6ft USB 2.0 A-to-B Cable
  • VSC22 6.6ft Audio cable (3.5mm stereo jacks)
  • PSU-IEC-12VDC-5A Power adapter and US power cord
  • Self-adhesive rubber feet
  • Quick start guide and Safety document
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

Adder ALIF4021R Features

    • Infinite Flexibility

      With the addition of AdderLink Infinity management system (A.I.M.), you can turn multiple point-to-point extenders into a truly scalable digital KVM matrix system that allows any workstation to link with any computer connected to the network.

      • Point-to-point extension (local / over-IP)
      • AV / KVM Switch multi-point matrix (over-IP)
      • Sharing a single target (over-IP)
      • Multicasting to many receivers (over-IP)
      • Command Center / Video Wall Controller (over-IP)Adder ALIF4021T Use Case

      Pixel Perfect 4K @ 60Hz video, real time control

      Uncompressed video extension at a maximum of 4K UHD (3840×2160) or 4K DCI / True Cinema 4K (4096×2160) with refresh rates to up to 60fps. Using a spatially-lossless encoding system, with 1:1 pixel mapping, ALIF4021T provides pixel perfect and color accurate video with no artefacts. The video you receive is the same as the video leaving the remote computer.


    • Adder ALIF4021T Multimode SFP Fiber Module

      Fiber IP Network-based

      Leverage existing standard 10GbE networking infrastructure to extend or matrix your computing resources to your users! AdderLink Infinity 4K units can be used as point-to-point extenders over 10GbE fiber cable, or made into a flexible IP-based matrix using standard 10GbE fiber switches and the AIM Manager. Infinity 4K is the perfect solution for any application including for an office, campus, command center, video wall, editing studio, or as a digital signage solution.

    • Adder Extension Over IP Diagram

      Unlimited extension distances

      10GbE Fiber Optic fiber technology enables offers much greater extension distances over traditional CatX cables. Extension distance is also not limited to a single fiber cable length – If you need to extend further, simply add a 10GbE network device. This can be repeated many times for longer distances.

    • Adder ALIF4021T USB 2.0 with emulation and class control

      USB 2.0 with emulation and class control

      Enables connection of USB devices from mice & keyboards to touch screens, graphics tablets, jog shuttles, joysticks and 3D explorers, alongside mass storage devices. True USB Emulation Technology also allows for fast keyboard & mouse or touch switching. For applications where security is of high importance, the system can disable the use of non-HID devices, meaning there is no need to physically block USB ports to prevent the use of mass storage devices.


    • Adder ALIF4021T Enterprise-grade security

      Enterprise-grade security

      All Adder Infinity units have built-in security measures compliant with universal enterprise grade security standards inlcuding AES 256 bit encryption and RSA 2048 bit public key authentication.

    • Adder ALIF4021T EDID Management - Ensure Perfect Match Between Source & Display

      Intelligent EDID management

      Intelligent EDID management allows the true characteristics of the monitor to be passed back to the computer. This ensures perfect video display without the additional configuration.

    • Adder ALIF4021T Redundant network

      Redundant network operation

      Adder ALIF4021R units are able to detect whether the network is in operation and can automatically change to its second network 10GbE SFP port if it detects a failure.


  • Adder INFINITY series

    Backwards compatible with existing Adder INFINITY series*

    Adder INFINITY 4000 is backwards compatible with other INFINITY series models. You can access any current INFINITY transmitter unit remotely from a 4000 receiver. Other INFINITY series receiver units cannot access the 4000 transmitters from outside the fiber network.

  • Adder ALIF4021T Plug and Play

    Plug and Play

    AdderLink Infinity 4K extender devices are delivered in a zero configuration state so you can plug them in and start working on them straight away. There is no need for drivers or software to be installed.

  • Adder ALIF4021T Rack Mounting (2) in 1U

    Rack mounting option

    Adder Infinity 4K units can be used at a desktop or be rack mounted two side-by-side in 1U with the optional RMK12 mounting kit. Additional kits for different mounting methods are also planned for the future release.

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