4K-MOD-RXF Smart-e HDBaseT Full Input Receiver Module

£234.00 inc VAT

Smart-e 4K-MOD-RXF 100m 4K compatible HDBaseT Full input module (Cat 6), providing inline power to 100m. Resolutions 4k,2k, 1080p@60Hz, 3D fully HDCP compliant.


The MOD-RXF module is capable of receiving high resolution video (4K, 2K & 1080p) over 100m of Cat6 cable by implementing the full HDBaseT chipset. Infrared pass-through together with bi-directional RS232 and CEC are also available through the same connection giving flexible control options.

A true 5-Play module includes 100baseT Ethernet connectivity whilst capable of receiving or delivering remote power (POH). An internal communication link provide status monitoring of all units that are interconnected.


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