F1DN102FLP-DP-3 Belkin Secure Flip 2-Port DP-to-DP KVM w/Audio and Remote Controller

Belkin Secure Flip 2-port  USB & DisplayPort KVM switch F1DN102FLP-DP-3 is a perfect solution for legacy PCs and displays. It is designed for Secure Desktops in 2-network environments: Cost-effective and small footprint. Real-time switching: Offers an uninterrupted user experience with Remote Control for easy placement & control.  The integrated cables abre built-in and are easy to install. The F1DN102FLP-DP-3 is a hardware-based peripheral isolation:  No dependency on firmware; no keyboard buffering or memory. Unidirectional Optical Data Diodes assure data can flow from devices to host only. The switch features display plug & play (DDC) protection:  Leakage prevention through patented emulated technology; DDC/EDID fully functional. It also features active anti-tampering system that is lways-on with 10 years battery; holographic tampering evident labels. It is NIAP certified to Common Criteria Protection Profile PSS Ver 3.0

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The  F1DN102FLP-DP-3 Belkin Secure USB & DisplayPort KVM switch with controller provides superior security and data protection by providing true data path isolation between systems and networks. They are fully compatible with legacy and new government systems and meet Common Criteria security requirements.

Belkin’s unique compact Flip design enables end-users to tuck the device behind the desk, reducing desktop clutter and leaving only a small remote control device on the desktop.

The Belkin Secure Flip 2-Port Dual Head Display Port KVM (Model F1DN202FLP-DP-3) supports Display Port connections up to 4K@30hz with dual monitor output. The Flip 2-Port Single Head Unit (Model F1DN102FLP-DP-3) supports connections up to 4K@30hz with a single monitor output.

These switches are designed, manufactured and certified to the latest NIAP Protection Profile Ver. 3.0 standard. The latest NIAP Protection Profile ensures agencies are receiving superior protection for keyboards, pointing devices, displays and audio. Using unidirectional data paths with optical diodes, they prevent peripherals from being used to leak information from one computer system to another.

Additional security is provided through the end-to-end tamper-proof system that prevents physical tampering, and the intuitive user interface reduces user-switching errors by providing clear identification.

The Belkin Secure Flip 2-Port DisplayPort KVM (model F1DN102FLP-DP-3)  supports connections up to 4K@30hz with a single monitor output.

Expect the best compatibility out-of-the-gate with a Secure KVM solution that’s designed and vigorously tested to work seamlessly with common systems and peripherals used by the defense and intelligence community.

F1DN102FLP-DP-3 Features:

• Display Port video support for up to 3840×2160@30hz refresh and 2860×1600@120hz

• Flip form factor for maximizing desk space

• Unique integrated cables for easy deployment

• Common Criteria Validated to NIAP Protection Profile 3.0

• Supports up to two host computers

• Supports one display for the user

• Supports a unique remote control unit

• Dedicated processors with emulators for every port: Isolated port paths for video, audio, and peripherals prevent data leaks between computers

• Unidirectional data paths: Optical data diodes prevent peripherals from being used to breach systems

• Display security: Protected display interface prevents data leakage via the monitor

• Peripheral management: USB device detection prevents unauthorized peripheral usage

• Anti-tampering: Internal electrical sensors render unit inoperable if opened

• Secure labeling: Holographic tamper-evident product label provides visual indication and prevention of tampering

• Customizable port coloring and naming on the remote control: Facilitates port identification and reduces user switching errors

• Fast switching: No keyboard or mouse delays when switching ports, minimal video delay

• High retention connectors: Semi-locking USB ports prevent accidental disconnection

• Secure packaging: Tamper-evident packaging ensures product is not tampered with during transport

• Audio Security for Speakers via 3.5mm Analog Audio

F1DN102FLP-DP-3 Technical Specification:

Number of Computer Connections 2
Video Interface DisplayPort
Number of Monitor Outputs 1
Number of Inputs 2
Cable connector USB
Input Voltage (AC) 100-240
Supported Video Formats DisplayPort
Host Ports 2
AC Plug Style Worldwide Interchangeable Mains Connector
Supported Audio Formats Analog
Housing Type ABS High Impact Plastic
Certifications FCC Class A UL CE RoHS ICES RCM
Indicator Light Status Input Selected, EDID
Remote Control Included Yes
Maximum Resolution 4K@30hz
Console Ports 1, Single Monitor
Form Factor Flip
Ports 2 Computers
1 Monitor
Remote Control
1 Keyboard
1 Mouse
Power Supply 12VDC 1.5A
Storage Temperature -4 to 140F
Security Features Common Criteria PP 3.0 NIAP Listed
Display Connection DisplayPort
Display Type DP
Keyboard Input 1
Keyboard/Mouse Connections 2
Keyboard Type USB
KVM Maximum Resolution Supported 4K@30hz
KVM Ports 2
Monitors Supported 1
Mouse Input USB
Mouse Type USB
No. of Computers Supported 2
PC Ports 2
Power Rating 12VDC 1.5A
Power Supply Included Yes
Power Supply Type External
TAA Compliant Yes
Total Users Supported 1

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