PDUeXpert design and manufacture: Intelligent Rack Mounted PDU, Basic, Monitored, and switched and Per Outlet monitoring PDU. We are a leading provider of Intelligent PDU solutions for Data Centre and Server Room. Our aim is to offer to our customers the best intelligent rack mounted PDU, which best fits their requirements whether they may be budgetary, scalability or environmental. Single Phase & 3 Phase , Circuit Protected intelligent power distribution units avaliable.

Data Centres Managers utilize PDU eXpert solutions to respond to increased demands for reliability, adaptability and flexibility, reduced costs of downtime, administration and maintenance of their Data Centres, which permits them to keep pace with changing market conditions, maintain profitability and remain competitive.
PDU eXpert intelligent power distribution units can be configured to allow Data Centres Managers to measure power consumption at the outlet, power strip and rack level. PDU eXpert solution allows to securely power cycle and power on/off hung servers or devices remotely from outside your Datacentre, server farm, or remote location.
PDU expert solutions provide True RMS values on each power circuit, which can be used to accurately load and maximize power circuits eliminating the power scheduling and forecasting, and improving Data Centre power management. Controlling the power consumption and the environmental surroundings in the Data Centre or Server Room can not only increase the life expectancy of the IT hardware but also prevent downtime caused by overload of circuits.
We also provide software that enable DC administrator to monitor multiple PDU and UPS’s but also visualise and optimised the power consumption of their entire Datacenter environment


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